Student Voice: Luca Schuy from Germany


Student Voice: Luca Schuy from Germany

lucas germany khs 400x533We talked to Luca, a year 13 student from Germany who is currently studying at Kamo High School and living in Whangarei for a year.

Why did you choose Northland?
The first thing I decided was that I want to go to New Zealand. My organisation asked me what I would prioritise when I’ll go there. All the facts which were important for me leaded me to Northland.

I wanted to have nice beaches around me and high temperatures even in winter. I live in Germany in a small village which is the reason that I wanted to go into a bigger town. The perfect match for me was Whangarei/Northland.

What are your favourite things about Northland?
 I like the characters of the people in New Zealand. Everybody is open and interested in you because you are new and from a different country. The people try to help you and welcome you.

The temperatures in Northland are very nice as well. Even if it is raining the whole winter through, it is still better than snow and cold temperatures. It is great that it doesn’t matter where you are, there will always be a nice beach around.

How have you enjoyed studying at Kamo High School?
The school system is a complete new for me, compared to my school in Germany. It is nice to see that everybody can choose the subjects they want with any freedom. The school doesn’t decide what they have to learn. Everybody has the choice to say what is best for them and their future.

It is possible to learn at school practical things and improve yourself for a future after school without university. If you want to go to university you have the chance to take subjects which are theoretical and prepare you for that part of your life and still participate in practical subjects which are for fun or for a different part of your life.

It is nice for me to see that students can have a good relationship with their teacher which helps them to enjoy school and keep them learning and interested.

What has been your best experience in New Zealand so far?
The best experiences I had weren’t big trips I did. Living a year in a different country is much more than only seeing the country. I meet many new awesome people, even outside of school, and made new lifelong friendships. My best experiences I had were with these friends. It is amazing to meet new people with a different culture and just to hang out with them. The small things I did during this year gave me an amazing experience.

However, it is still amazing to explore the north island and see a new and different environment. For example the beaches and Cape Reinga are things I won’t forget.

What are your plans for the future?
My plans for this school were to improve my english and make new friends. My goals for Germany are to finish school successfully and go to university and study business.


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