Taitokerau Northland has a rich history as a place of new beginnings and opportunities. This is matched with a powerful 'can-do' attitude that makes our people resilient and tenacious. We see this every day with new businesses starting up from the back yard, around a kitchen table, on the Marae and out on our moana (oceans) and whenua (land). Friends and whānau come together to create new ventures, filled with energy and excitement about the possibilities and what the future may bring.

But the road can also be lonely and challenge you in ways you never imagined. Many of our clients find that having a listening ear and someone with a business understanding is one of the best things about working with a Growth Advisor.

“Having someone to talk to about your business - who respects you and treats you like a business owner and not just a Mum with a hobby - has made a huge difference to my business journey." - Kylie Armitage, Thomas Online

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