Planning to start her business on the right foot

Atarangi is a Personal Exercise Trainer with a particular passion for assisting wahine to gain the confidence they need to exercise in a gym environment. After a 16-year career in the butchery industry, Atarangi has now chosen a new path for her career following the birth of her three tamariki aged 3, 4 & 5.

“I wasn’t a gym goer myself until pretty recently when I started working out at Reclaim Fitness. I gained so much confidence and energy from exercising there. So, when they asked me to become a trainer, I jumped at the chance to help others gain the same benefits I was getting”. ~ Atarangi

20220511 NINC Nth Customer Visits WEB 0046Atarangi started training with Reclaim Fitness because she wanted to boost her energy and be able to keep up with her three very energetic tamariki.

Having never been a gym goer previously, she started to really enjoy working out and the results started to show. From here she found her new passion was fitness and mastering her form. The owners of the gym recognised something special in her and have supported her to gain her PT qualifications while giving her hands on training in the gym.

She currently contracts her services to Reclaim as a personal trainer, so she wanted to make sure she had the business side of things set up correctly for her contracting. Her partner is also looking at opportunities for self-employment so they also wanted to ensure he could work under the business name as well.

Atarangi shared her business plans with Emma who was assigned as her Growth Advisor. Afterwards Emma put together an Action Plan with a list of resources, course recommendations and some next steps she could take to keep her pakihi moving forward. Emma will then meet again with her in a few months to tautoko her on her business journey.

“I am just starting out with my business and I didn’t want to annoy anyone by asking for advice. So when I booked to have a kōrero with Emma, I didn’t know what we were going to talk about. But it’s been so helpful and I am very glad I came.” ~ Atarangi

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Emma says that it’s often not easy for new business owners to know where they can reach out to for help and advice. “I enjoy learning about the mahi of the business owners we work with. It’s never too early to ask for help and get things set up right in terms of your business structure. I am looking forward to working with Atarangi over the next few months as she works on her business plan for the future”.