Pukenui Lodge Motel


Set on the picturesque Houhora Harbour, our Far North motel accommodation is the perfect place to escape and unwind. Being the closest Motel to Cape Reinga, Pukenui Lodge Motel is a great base for exploring the top of New Zealand.

Just up the harbour from Houhora Heads, Pukenui is a small village which has views stretching up and down the scenic harbour. Located one hour from Cape Reinga, the northwesternmost tip of the Aupouri Peninsula, and only a 15 minute drive to 90-Mile Beach, Pukenui is a truly breathtaking spot. With such captivating surroundings there is a wealth of activities to amuse yourself while staying in the far north. From visiting Cape Reinga and touring the 90-Mile Beach, sand boarding the giant Te Paki sand dunes, fishing charters, kayaking, horse trekking, so many local adventures to be had. Visit one of the many stunning beaches near by, or simply relax and enjoy the pool and harbour views from the Motel.

How to Find Us
Per Night
From $150 – $250


3 Pukenui Wharf Road
Northland Pukenui
New Zealand

Opening Times

8:00 am - 6:30 pm