Ludbrook Farm

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Tupe Tupe sheep & beef unit is managed by Roger Ludbrook the fifth generation Ludbrook to farm this land. Farm tours demonstrate modern farm practices with sustainability and ecological management.

The Ludbrook House 420 hectare sheep & beef farm, Tupe Tupe, lies on the Taiamai plain where the Maori once grew their winter crops. Formed by eruptions from the surrounding extinct volcanoes the land is known for it's fertile soil, pure spring water, rivers wetlands and giant rocky outcrops.

In 1860 Samuel & Caroline Ludbrook purchased 2000 acres to become the first European farmers in Ohaeawai. Today tours are conducted across Tupe Tupe by Roger Ludbrook the farm manager and 5th generation Ludbrook. Taking one or up to three hours the tours include an overview of modern farm practices, sustainability and ecological management, (hands-on optional) and visits to the well preserved Rua Hoanga pa site and other archaeological remains.

How to Find Us

7491 State Highway One
New Zealand