Gumdiggers Park

Things to do

Gumdiggers Village - 100,000+ year old Giant Kauri Logs, unique Kauri Amber jewellery, Kauri crafts, discovery trail, authentic 100 year old Gumfield including equipment displays, gecko house, video hut, nature trail, picnic area, viewing platform.

A giant 100,000 year old Kauri tree has been exposed for viewing & is part of a vast forest buried beneath Gumdiggers Park. Information spots and an audio visual show describe the cataclysmic events which could have caused this destruction. Studies by international scientists on the kauri timber are described, depicting past and future global weather patterns.

The site includes an authentic preserved 100 year old gum field, recreated gum diggers village with huts made in the traditional way from jute sacks. Original equipment can be found along our discovery trail as well as a gecko house with rare Northland Geckos. Unique Kauri Wood, Kauri Gum and NZ Amber crafts are available along with other NZ themed gifts. All this and alot more.

How to Find Us

171 Heath Road
Waiharara Awanui
New Zealand

Opening Times

'Summer 9am-5pm Winter 10am - 4pm