Great Escape Five-day Sailing Adventure for intermediate level sailors

Things to do

Two days with an instructor refreshing sailing and boat handling skills then three days out sailing by yourselves in the beautiful Bay of Islands. Escape and explore the secluded bays and sheltered sparkling waters in the winterless North.

Perfect for those with some boating or sailing experience ready to step up to skippering their own boat. Designed for couples, groups of friends, and families. This adventure is available in either a Davidson 20, Noelex 25 or a Noelex 30.

The training content will be tailored to the experience of those aboard. On days one and two you are out with your instructor. On days three to five, it’s time to set sail by yourself, explore the wonderful Bay of Islands, and practice your new sailing skills. Before you cast off we discuss your passage planning, review navigation in the Bay of Islands, give you updated weather forecast information, guide you on suitable anchorages, and points of interest for the following days.

How to Find Us
From $150 – $990


1 Richardson Street
New Zealand

Opening Times

8.00am - 5.30pm Seven days a week.