Alpaca Farm Experience


A unique farm experience incorporating a guided walk through covenanted bush, an original 1922 Steam Car and the highlight: hand feeding the herd of friendly Suri alpacas. Only one tour a day for a single group of friends and must be pre-booked.

Brighten up your day with a visit to our farm to meet our alpacas and learn about these unique animals. This is best experienced when it is not raining. We only do it for 1 family group at a time so you will find it very personal and unforgettable.

We start off with a look at Mark's steam car (an original 1922 Stanley Steamer). After that we walk into the 15 acres of covenanted bush behind the house and see some magnificent native trees, including some large kauri.

After walking up some steps and along a ridge we climb over a stile and into one of the alpaca paddocks. You can spend lots of time hand feeding the alpacas and taking photos. Finally you will get to see what the fleeces look like before and after processing.

How to Find Us
Per Night
From $10 – $50


71 Arcadian Lane
RD2 Waipu
New Zealand