Bennetts of Mangawhai

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Combining passion and vision, Bennetts has been hand-crafting their exquisite chocolates in Mangawhai Village since 1998. Bennetts cordially invites you to visit and to experience their fine chocolates, made from sustainably sourced cocoa.

Bennetts is family owned and run, brought into the world by trained chocolatiers Clayton and Mary Bennett in 1998.  Just as it always was, Bennetts is made in Mangawhai Village, New Zealand; close to where Clayton spent his childhood and where the company has become an intrinsic part of the local community.  Today the home of Bennetts centers around a flagship store which is both luxurious and welcoming.

Bennetts use fresh, local ingredients to create their award-winning product.  Their French - inspired style of making chocolates involves a true labour of love; first make a slab of ganache, this is then cut into small pieces which is then "enrobed" with a thin layer of chocolate and finally decorated by hand. 


The world of Bennetts is a deliciously pure thing. Locally grown ingredients, rare New Zealand flavours and a focus on hand crafted quality, place Bennetts on its own unique stage well away from mass production. The helping hands of local workers and suppliers help create the feeling of belonging at the heart of Bennetts. 


For Bennetts, the use of fresh, local, spray-free ingredients and the inclusion of local tradesmen and suppliers are central ideals. The delight of their customer is just as important as the pride of their staff; combined, they create a special atmosphere unique to Bennetts.

Clayton and Mary have recognised that New Zealanders are rather proud of tastes they see as theirs - Feijoa and Kiwifruit, Tamarillo and Quince are used to celebrate these tastes and the environments they thrive in.

With such a special product comes a creative license that adds to the spirit of Bennetts, allowing the makers to explore ideas and create the magic that's made them world famous.

Mary Bennett and her staff manage the showroom with its decadent arrangement of exquisite gifts and French wine. Here you can purchase some Bennetts products, to satisfy your own cravings...

How to Find Us

52 Moir Street
Mangawhai Village Mangawhai 0505
New Zealand

Opening Times

7 Days, Cafe 8am-3pm, Shop 9am-5pm