Extension 350 is a programme that was designed to help our Taitokerau Northland farmers succeed, not just with a healthier bottom line, but with a healthier environment and farming community too.

The project which wraps up this year (2022) was designed as a long-term, farmer led and farmer focused agricultural extension project that operates primarily in Taitokerau Northland, but also in parts of Auckland. The original goal of the project was to engage meaningfully to affect change with 350 farmers across the lifetime of the project. To date, the project has reached over 380 farmers, of which 108 of these are directly involved in affecting change on their farms.




Extension 350 was launched in 2016 and is led by Taitokerau Northland farmers who we know are doing great things, but with room to improve. We understand that when you’re focussed on the day-to-day running of your business, it can be hard to see the bigger picture, get new ideas and have the confidence to implement them. The project looks to improve the resiliency of the farms involved by supporting them to affect positive change across three key aspects of their business, increasing farm profitability, increasing environmental sustainability and improving farmer wellbeing.

The project achieves this through a cluster model, with each cluster made up of a number of target teams. An agri-consultant works closely with the target and mentor farmers of each target team and the learnings are passed on to associate farmers at meetings throughout the year and via online farmer reporting.

The result is Taitokerau Northland farmers learning from other experienced Taitokerau Northland farmers, who through this extra support can see their business with fresh eyes. Having other farmers and people you trust to challenge your thinking and systems can make all the difference to your farming business.

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Feedback from Farmers

"What the Extension 350 program has forced us to do is work as a group, collaboratively. We feel like we’re in it together. Even if you’re not in Extension 350, talk to your neighbours, talk to your friends, read articles, look at B+L websites, etc"
"Having that external input with your blinkers off and a wider view, is really beneficial to us. The project is making us more accountable to our targets and budgets, cashflow, everything. It just makes you more aware of every single decision that you make." 

"The farm owners have achieved a great deal during E350; they are more relaxed, enjoying farming and feel confident they can now farm through a downturn without it having a major impact on their lifestyle and farm business. They have made some on-farm management changes, but also in how they view and operate their business, with more confidence in budgeting and planning. They have more time to spend with their children and on off-farm activities."  

Project Partners

Northland Inc is responsible for delivering the Extension 350 project which has a number of other partners, including:

Northland Regional Council

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Extension 350 Farmer Interviews
What's on your mind?

Extension 350 extended support during the Covid-19 lockdowns for farmers to continue to learn from other farmers by using digital technology. Let our farmers and farm consultants share the process of making change in their business.  



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