Help shape Northland’s digital future


Help shape Northland’s digital future

Northland’s Digital Enablement Group (DEG), in collaboration with the region’s four councils – Northland Regional Council, the Far North, Kaipara, and Whangarei District Councils – are urging more people to help shape Northland’s digital future by completing the fourth annual Internet Speed Survey.

“The test will ask you how fast – or slow – is your internet,” said Joseph Stuart, Chairman of DEG and General Manager of Business Innovation and Growth at Northland Inc, the regional economic development agency. “How you answer will provide important information because it helps us to snap internet speeds into shape, build stronger connectivity and provide more digital opportunity for our region.

“Speed matters, but information about internet speeds and coverage areas is often inaccurate or incomplete, so this is a crucial opportunity to verify those figures and ensure that everything is kept up to the mark, tracked and managed. The more you participate, the more say you can have in your digital future.”

The survey asks Northland residents to test their upload and download speeds, identify on a map where they live, the type of internet service they receive, as well as the cost of receiving this service. The data is aggregated and anonymous and it takes only a few minutes to do the survey and speed test. Visit

“Responses to the survey give us a better idea of how people are accessing the internet and the speed of connectivity available in the region,” said Ana Mules, Team Leader, Community Development and Investment for the Far North District Council. “The raw data we collate helps us work with central government and internet providers to identify our digital infrastructure needs and improve internet and mobile coverage throughout Northland.”

More than 300 people logged on to the speed survey last year, added Stuart, “and it would be good if we could increase that number in 2020”.

What to do:

You need to note down the following:

  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Time/date of test
  • Service Provider
  • Device tested
  • Address or location

The survey closes on Friday 13, March 2020.


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