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Your PRANA Gallery presents the very best of mother nature. In our mineral gallery, you will discover an amazing display of crystals & minerals, pounamu carvings, bespoke jewellery, impeccable mineral art & bronze sculptures.

 About Your PRANA Gallery

Our why – “To inspire & open eyes to the beauty of our world”

Our purpose – We created Your PRANA so we may share the beauty & magnificence of the world with every soul. In every remarkable art form beauty presents itself in. So you may witness the incredible artistic design of the earth itself & the beautiful artists who were put on this earth to bring a great love & energy to everyone they encounter. Allowing you to see the power of what is possible. Sharing beauty & love, so you may form a deeper connection with your own mind, body & spirit.

Your PRANA presents only the most exquisite artforms – At Your PRANA you will discover an amazing display of crystals & minerals, bespoke sterling silver jewellery, pounamu carvings, impeccable mineral art & bronze sculptures. Everything we present & create is infused with a deep seeded sense of love.

All pieces are handcrafted & set to the highest standard – Our pieces are either designed by Antoinette herself or presented on behalf of artists throughout NZ who create magnificent pieces of mineral art.

Outstanding presentation – Each piece receives the utmost care & we ensure our packaging is impeccable for you. Depending on the stone / type of artwork & size of the pieces, we may detail it with petals, gift complimentary stones, scent the packaging & write a handwritten note detailing the pieces meaning, origin & history. Gifting you a unique experience infused with love.

Sustainably focused – We have a strict recycle & reuse process. Wherever possible, we avoid using bubble wrap. In almost all instances we use paper or card to wrap & present our pieces. However, some occasions do call for it & in those cases, we only use recycled bubble wrap. We also encourage you to return your packaging so we can either reuse or recycle it on your behalf.

Moral compass – All we present is cleansed regularly – physically & energetically, created / sourced with the highest of ethics & all the stones we present are in their natural / unaltered state. The artists we present are all aligned with our morals & you can see this in the art they create. We desire to pass wisdom down through the generations. Honesty is held in the highest regard. We respect & hold space for every connection & are always compassionate. We embrace gratitude daily for who we are, what we present & the journeys encountered.

5-star customer reviews – We are happy to source pieces for you, gift you all the knowledge you desire & create custom pieces for you – we go the extra mile. Our customers also often refer to our gallery as a space where they feel at home – we hope you do too! Many customers have become great friends of PRANA over the years & they are a testament to how we go above & beyond for everyone. No question is silly & no task is too hard. Many also refer friends, because they know we will take care of their every desire. No doubt you will become a great friend of PRANA too.

Community driven – We present regular educational workshops (online & in the gallery) on our pieces so you can learn about their history, origin, meanings & creation. We also support many great causes locally such as fundraisers for schools & charitable events. Education always has been & will remain one of our highest priorities.

Locally owned & operated – Northland is our home & we love sharing the magic of all we present with you. Our gallery is the only one in Northland presenting an exquisite display of earth’s creations & fine mineral artwork, hence we seek to present the best to all those that live & visit this beautiful region.

Our building is a piece of artwork itself – When constructed it was nominated for the Property Council NZ Architectural Awards under Excellence. The gallery is a lush wide-open space, surrounded by gardens with decks on all 3 sides. 3 of our ‘walls’ are actually enormous glass sliding doors that open the doors so wide, it appears as if 1 wall & 4 corners are supporting the roof – it’s impeccable architecture. A must-visit if you have a passion for great buildings. Plus the natural lighting couldn’t be more perfect for displaying our pieces.

Connect with us – If you resonate with our values & would love to connect, we’d be delighted to speak with you. You are welcome to visit our gallery in person, we are open 8.30am – 4pm Monday to Friday & 10am – 2pm on Saturdays. Otherwise, please feel free to call us or connect online via our details below:


Phone: +64 027 301 38 40




Address: 2 Aranga Road, Kerikeri (opposite BP) you’ll see our purple signs on the corner


We look forward to connecting with you & inspiring you with the beauty of our world.


Yours in gratitude,

The PRANA Team

How to Find Us

2 Aranga Road
Kerikeri Kerikeri, Northland 0230
New Zealand

Opening Times

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm, Thursday Late Night Open Till 7pm & Saturdays 10am - 2pm