Whangārei Light and Lantern Community Parade

Whats On

Embrace the spirit of Matariki and the winter solstice! Bring your lanterns (battery/LED only, no flames allowed) and light up costumes that embody themes of renewal, togetherness, and the guiding light during the darkest time of the year. Think twinkling stars, glowing moons, and vibrant lanterns that chase away the winter shadows! Gather at 4:30 at Bascule Park where kids can decorate and create their own lantern if they don't have one. (Gold coin koha, suggested.)

The procession will go to Pūtahi Park where a mesmerizing world of light awaits! Explore stunning light art installations, indulge in delicious food and drinks from local vendors, and browse unique gifts at our vibrant market stalls. *Bring your lanterns (battery/LED only, no flames allowed) and light up costumes! Lantern making workshops for adults: Need a lantern? Come to one of our three workshops for adults during the week to make your own light-up creation!

How to Find Us

Bascule Park to Putahi Park, Whangārei

Event Dates

Friday 28 June 2024