Walk 24 - Tapeka Nature Walk and Geocaching

Whats On

Gather around fellow geocachers we will be on the hunt for at least 12 caches on our walk from Russell to Tapeka. After meeting at the Russell Bowling Club we will follow Fullofun to discover 12 caches 3 of which will be multi caches.

Not a member of the Geocaching fraternity yet? Come an hour early so we can set you up as a member. You will need a cell phone that has data and access to your emails. Alternatively go the the website and join, in the pleasure of your home before the day. https://www.geocaching.com/play

On the way you will learn some facts about NZ History, about native trees, birds and insects and enjoy some stunning scenery. Bring your lunch and some togs if you feel like a swim!

Assemble HQ: 9.30 am (meet at 8.30 if you need to become a member of the geocaching)

Duration: 6 hours

Distance: 5 km

Cost: free

Return to HQ 4 pm

All walks depart from the Russell Bowling Club in Russell. There are many walks to book on - so look at all the walks you can do over the 3 days. The walks are all guided and the guides are knowledgeable and passionate about the region.

Visit our website to see all the walks you can do.

How to Find Us

Russell Bowling Club, Russell, Bay of Islands

Event Dates

Thursday 10 October 2024