The Taipa Salt Pig

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Come and find out how we make salt and drinking water from seawater using nothing but sunshine patience and love. The fascinating story of how sea salt and water can be made by harnessing the power of the sun. A truly eco friendly process.

Have you ever shaken salt on your fish and chips while sitting at the beach and thought “How is sea salt made?” Have you ever purchased a bottle of refreshing still or sparkling water and drunk it while looking out at the wide-open ocean and wondered “Why don’t we drink sea water?” Well now you can discover the answer to those two questions and many more.

The Taipa Salt Pig and Oceanwater are perhaps Northland's best kept food producing secrets. Located in Taipa both businesses take sea water and using nothing but the power of the sun, a wee bit of patience and a whole lot of love they produce two products essential to life itself.

Super tasty sea salt and thirst quenching drinking water. Join the teams at the Taipa Salt Pig & Oceanwater.

How to Find Us
From $15 – $50


53 Tu Moana Close
Taipa Kaitaia
New Zealand

Opening Times

9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday