The Milky Way Glow Worm Cave

Things to do

Get close up to the world famous glow worms of New Zealand and pristine formations in the Milky Way Glow Worm Cave. Book online.

Have an authentic experience in the natural beauty of the underworld where the glow worms shine. Learn all about them, the cave and the formations as your guide leads you with torch in hand, through this private cave in small groups. Look all around as you slowly walk along a formed path to the chandelier chamber filled with delicate hanging stalactites and see the bones of ancient birds, including the moa.

Suitable for all ages on an easy access path. Booking online is best but you can also take a chance and just show up for one of several tours each day. The Milky Way Glow Worm Cave is at Waipu Caves Farm Park, a 320 acre privately owned park for tourism, adventures, outdoor education and camping in tents and motorhomes.

How to Find Us
From $30 – $40


567 Waipu Caves Road
New Zealand

Opening Times

Open from 8.30am