The Living Forest: Poetry By Monsters

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A theatrical experience for 5 - 100 year olds with Company of Giants and Soju Shots.

Wild and wonderful, hairy and confused…Welcome to the living forest, where the trees breathe and the pond speaks; where a crow sings, the bear snores, a frog croaks and a firefly leads the way.

But listen! Something is happening…Something comes!

Grab a blanket, make a friend, light the lights, find the crown, face the end! Join a mad, wild, lonely, happy, sad bunch of clown monsters on a quest to save the forest and the sky.

They will need your help!

This work is suitable for 5 year olds and over.

Directed By Laurel Devenie

Created by Lutz Hamm, Thomas Gowing, Tomasin Fisher-Johnson, Georgia-May Russ, Hayley Douglas, Finn Gilbert Keene, Zara Skuse, Dylan Taylor, Scott Wynne and Evan Heasman

Supported by Creative New Zealand, ONEONESIX and Morph Puppet Festival

How to Find Us
From $20


ONEONESIX, Whangarei

Event Dates

Sunday 7 August 2022