The Bicycle & the Butcher’s Daughter

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A new solo play with Helen Moulder directed by Sue Rider presents a family, food and five surprising characters!

Olivia Paterson runs a big meat exporting company and wants to feed the world. Her daughter is a vegan. Her father wants things to stay as they are. And her sister is not sure what she wants. Only the mysterious Grace seems certain.

The Bicycle and the Butcher’s Daughter is a lively and entertaining solo work which addresses themes of women in leadership, the meat industry, veganism, global food issues and family relationships.

It is written by Sue Rider & Helen Moulder and directed by Sue Rider, the collaboration that brought you Playing Miss Havisham, Gloria’s Handbag and Meeting Karpovsky. Production includes recorded music by pianist Richard Mapp and violinist Juliet Eyre.

Contains some strong language. Recommended 15 +

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Forum North, Whangarei

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Sunday 23 October 2022