Soul-based Astrology Workshop

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An afternoon of astrological delight and insight
If you are interested in astrology and know a few basics about star signs, this workshop aims to expand your understanding, giving you tools for self-development and increased self-awareness.
Following on with the theme that you are more than just your Sun Sign, I will be presenting the “Houses” which represent the parts of our lives as an evolutionary progression. Once again we will be working with our own charts as well as considering the current planetary placements and transits. It’s super informative to see which Houses your key planets are in and therefore which parts of your life they play out in. For example: the House that your Sun is in has a great influence on how your personality is expressed. The Houses are based on the time you were born and not just the day, so knowing them makes your chart unique and personal to you.
Come learn more about yourself and the special ways and means you have for self-expression!

Please email to book your place, including your birth date, time and place.

This workshop is made possible with the support of the Whangārei District Creative Communities Scheme:
How to Find Us

The Play Group Building, Whangarei

Event Dates

Saturday 15 April 2023