Silent Insight Awareness Meditation(IAM) Retreat - 3-Day

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3-day residential silent meditation retreat.

Led by trained teachers.

About Silent Insight Awareness Meditation – Naturally and Simply Observe
Silent Insight Awareness Meditation is a simple, practical and profound practice that encourages us to become the impartial observer of one’s self. This means not trying to stop thoughts and sensations but, rather observe these thoughts and sensations without interpretations – in other words, without judgements.

We learn to simply to observe what is happening whether it is good or bad, comfortable or uncomfortable, without putting a meaning on it, without imposing a goal or outcome on it. These retreats are an opportunity wherein the meditator has space and freedom to allow all his or her feelings and patterns and thoughts to arise and be as they are. This is what it means to harmonise the physical, emotional, mental in and with the spiritual. Nothing is left out.

“If a person wishes to understand spiritual practice, Silent Insight Awareness Meditation is an excellent prerequisite to understand and relax the body and the mind so that Spiritual Practice can commence.” - Master Yanchiji

Awaken the Teacher “inside”
Meditators will be reminded of this important aspect throughout the retreat. The retreat is to awaken the teacher “inside”. It is to awaken one’s unconditioned intelligence. It is to awaken and feel one’s total humanity. Total humanity meaning one’s warts and all, and to be in peace with every aspect of Self.

Open to All on a Donation/Koha Basis – No Religion or Dogma
These retreats are open to all. The meditation is not based on any religion or dogma. The retreats are suitable for people who have not meditated before as well as for experienced meditators. All Silent Insight Awareness Meditation retreats have a registration/administrative cost of $50 PLUS donation/koha for the retreat and all accommodation and meals. You are invited to offer a donation according to your means and the value of the retreat to you.

The venue for the retreat is the beautiful and unique sanctuary, Tushita Hermitage in Peria Valley, Doubtless Bay, Northland. The Hermitage is dedicated to supporting any human who genuinely wishes for the revelation of their own Heart’s Truth, through themselves.

How to Find Us
From $50


Tushita Ashram Hermitage, Doubtless Bay, Far North

Event Dates

Sunday 10 July 2022