Self Drive Boat Hire for Tutukaka, Bay of Islands and all Northland

Things to do

Bareboat charter (self drive) Stabicraft 5.6m for hire, fully coded by Maritime New Zealand for 5 people. Usually launched from Tutukaka but if you have a suitable vehicle you can also tow the boat away to your favourite fishing spot.

Area of operation - Northland and Auckland. We deliver and launch the boat for you at Tutukaka Boat Ramp. Or if you have a suitable vehicle you can tow the boat away to your favorite boat ramp. Please ask if you would like to pick up the boat the night before as we can be flexible.

Explore the Poor Knights islands or the Tutukaka coast, dive, snorkel or go fishing. The boat takes 5 people. All safety equipment is provided. Person in charge of the boat must be at least 25 years old.

How to Find Us
From $450


23 Ngunguru Heights Rise RD3 0173
Tutukaka Whangarei
New Zealand

Opening Times

8.00 to 9.00