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You are being offered a unique opportunity to spend time in the Divine Presence of a Himalayan Yogi Master & receive his darshan (blessings).
Aikam Aikoham - 'There is One and The Only One'
Aikam Aikoham Nath Ji is a modern Master/ Yogi who has traveled the world & acts as a bridge between cultures & belief systems. He offers a fresh & dynamic approach to the timeless wisdom of Himalayan Yogi Masters & how we can apply these teachings in modern day-to-day life.
Satsang is a lively, ancient spiritual practice from India, derived from the Sanskrit words, Sat- the essence or reality, and Sang means association. The word Satsang refers to a meeting of people who gather and engage in a relaxed, conversation about the nature of reality, self-realisation, spiritual life, and all aspects of human experience from the most ordinary to the most cosmic. If the company is spiritual, such as in the presence of saints and devotees, then the person will be more strongly magnetized along the spiritual path. Satsang, therefore, is an important principle for spiritual seekers to abide by.
What happens at Satsang
The Satsang means association with Sat or Reality. One who knows or has realized Sat- the Reality is also regarded as Sat. Such association with Sat or with one who knows, Sat is absolutely necessary for all. Satsang is a dynamic event, where precious pearls of timeless wisdom of Himalayan Yogi Masters is shared & you receive (Shaktipat) universal healing energy flow by the Master.
This two-hour session offers you a glimpse of what there is in store for you in the upcoming retreats & workshops in your town. You will experience a powerful uplifting spiritual & healing vibration just by being in Guru Ji's Presence
Come with an open heart and mind to receive the gift sent to you by the universe.
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St Stephens, Whangarei

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Friday 24 February 2023