Sage Restaurant at Paroa Bay Winery

Food & Drink

There are few places in the world where you get the sense of land emerging from the ocean — where sky, land and sea are continuous — New Zealand’s Paroa Bay Winery is one of these places.

We do not have to look far for inspiration at Sage, our restaurant at Paroa Bay Winery. From the end of the fishing line cast into the Bay of Islands to the orchard doors of our suppliers, our locally grown and sourced ingredients combine seamlessly into a refreshingly creative New Zealand take on fine-dining cuisine.

With a broad-ranging menu that features some of the freshest and most revered offerings from the ocean, and some of New Zealand’s world-renowned farming produce — our chefs work to strike the perfect balance between creative flair and allowing their ingredients to be savoured as they are.

With all dishes thoughtfully matched from wines directly from our very own cellar door, the culinary experience is full circle.

How to Find Us
From $8 – $200


31 Otamarua Road
New Zealand

Opening Times

Summer 12pm-9pm (1 Nov-30 April). Winter 12pm-9pm (1 May - 31 Oct)