Rum Festival with The Wellington Sea Shanty Society

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Ahoy, me hearties! Hoist the sails, set yer compasses and set course for the Duke of Marlborough in Russell, where we be hostin' a Rum Festival to rival all others, especially the day after a race when ye be needin' to unwind and carouse like true pirates!

After a day of testin' yer mettle on the waves, what better way to rest yer weary bones than with a hearty swig o' the finest rum this side of Davy Jones' locker? The Duke's Rum Festival be boastin' a treasure trove of rum, guaranteed to put the wind back in yer sails! And fear not, me hearties, for no pirate worth their salt would go hungry - we'll be firin' up the BBQ to sate yer appetite with the juiciest cuts of meat and the tastiest of treats!

But what's a proper pirate celebration without the sweet sound of sea shanties fillin' the air? That's where The Wellington Sea Shanty come in, ready to serenade ye with melodies that'll have ye dancin' a jig faster than ye can say "Ahoy!" So gather yer crew, stow yer troubles, and join us at the Duke of Marlborough for an afternoon of revelry, rum, and roguish fun - where every sip be an adventure on the high seas! Yarrr!

How to Find Us
From $20


The Duke of Marlborough Hotel, Russell, Bay of Islands

Event Dates

Saturday 26 October 2024