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Ruatuna, the Coates family home at the northern end of the Kaipara Habour, is a lasting tribute to Gordon Coates. Once labelled the ‘Jazz Premier’ in reference to his genial progressivism and breezy manner.

Gordon Coates was Aotearoa New Zealand’s prime minister of the mid 1920s, a man of real substance, he was born to a pioneering Northland farming family and raised on an isolated rural property to be industrious, practical and self-reliant.

Both inside and out, there are things to do. Inside you can explore the house and get a feel for how the family spent their leisure time, outside, there is plenty of space to stretch your legs and take in the expansive views of the Kaipara.

We care for some important taonga in our collection and our heritage buildings have lived a long life, so some rooms or items in the house may be off limits at times for conservation and maintenance, also some rooms may be dimly lit.

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