Quiet Motel Exhibition

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An exhibition by artist Imogen Taylor, on display at Whangārei Art Museum 21 May – 21 August 2022, entry is free.

In these times, where the world seems anything but quiet and noise has seeped into every crevice like so much static, the lure of a quiet place—however we might imagine it—is a strong one. Imogen Taylor’s Quiet Motel speaks to this collective craving through a dead-of-night romance. There’s more to these paintings than escapism, though. Rendered in night-strokes, these images range from moonlit woods and hearth-glittered estuaries, merrily reflecting one lonesome resident, to fish-strewn bodies reposing in release. These works utter the kinds of intimate whispers you’d need to be in a quiet place to hear—invitations to step outside the garishly over-lit and over-exposed confines of the tiresome known.

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