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Print your own money Mahi toi hononga – creative enterprise program 13 february – 3 may, 2024 (18 – 34 yrs) Free Time to print your own money? Cash in your creative vision and build an inspired enterprise! Guided by practising artists and business professionals over a 10 week period, you will work on your own project while exploring design, print and business skills. Hononga, meaning to join, underpins the essence of the programme linking you with creative enterprise resources, community and mentors. You will have access to the studio throughout the project for self-directed work, and will complete the program with a group exhibition. This free pilot program takes place in the working print studios of te kowhai print trust at the quarry arts centre in whangarei. 6 hours per week (tuesday, thursday and some saturdays) Full schedule to come! Open to all levels including those with no experience. Email fundraising@tkpt.Org to enquire or enrol Or fill in the application form https://docs.Google.Com/forms/d/e/1faipqlse1qtkclfa5700xu7uz8nn3fvtmc2-y1r-_q_adid3iun7nsg/viewform and we will be in touch. … Mahi toi hononga – is Te Kowhai print trusts’ new stream of programmes bringing together arts practise and business enterprise skills. The programme is about connecting emerging and established artists, sharing skills, and nurturing arts enterprise in the region. This first 10 week offering running from february to may in 2024 is specifically for 18 – 34 year olds thanks to seed funding from sky city community trust. Titled “print your own money”, the inaugural mahi toi hononga programme is ideal for school leavers, fresh grads or those in between projects or work and looking for some inspiration or new direction!
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Te Kowhai Print Trust, Whangarei

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Thursday 29 February 2024 - Friday 3 May 2024 10:00AM - 02:00PM