Photographing Objects with Studio Lights

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Photographing objects with Studio Lights Workshop run by photographer Ellie Smith.

On Sunday 10th Sep 10am-2pm at the Shutter Room.

Join us for a day of photography using the flash/strobe studio lights kit (Elinchrons) we have for hire at the Shutter Room. This workshop is for photographers who understand how to use their DSLR cameras but are not confident using professional studio lighting equipment...

Maybe you have never learnt how to use studio lighting, or perhaps you have just forgotten!

This workshop would also be appropriate for anyone who did the Shutter Room workshop last year and wants to learn to a new level.

Workshop Contents:

Setting up lighting equipment, studio protocols and safety.
Operating a professional strobe light and light meter.
Standard lighting setups using two lights and different light modifiers.
Photographing objects.

An afternoon of experimenting and taking turns trying different setups. If you are not a Shutter Room Member you are welcome to just join up and get this workshop (and all future ones) at the discounted price. Follow the Membership link above (see website section) to find out how to join up.

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From $65


The Shutter Room, Whangarei

Event Dates

Sunday 10 September 2023