Pendulums For Use In Psychic Development

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Using Pendulums is a great way to learn to connect with your guides.
You will learn how to answer questions, divination, give readings and understand who your guides are. We will also use cards. So bring yours along

We will also cover topics in my book Under the Veil.
Soul mates, twin flames, guides. connection with guides, pendulum work, reading cards, and giving messages. and lots more

"A down-to-earth person, a down-to-earth class makes Brigid the perfect person to teach, nothing airy-fairy about this lady" - Peter

"You’re a great teacher! I look back fondly on all the neat things you taught us - made us DO (lol)... when I was a part of your group a few years ago now. I learnt soo much and I use those techniques you taught. And you continue to inspire me, especially I remember to ‘step aside’ and let them do their job, well I try to... haha getting better... all about trust aye"- DM

How to Find Us
From $75


Mangawhai Settlers Museum, Mangawhai, Kaipara

Event Dates

Saturday 2 July 2022