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Te Riu-a-Māui / Zealandia + The Great Te Tai Tokerau Northland ‘Paint by Numbers’ Geological Map Project - A Community Collaboration. This story begins Over 250 million years ago when the bedrock of Northland was embedded in the vast supercontinent, Gondwana. As eons passed and continents shifted, Northland emerged - a terrain etched with intricate fault lines, evidence of the constant movement of tectonic plates that have sculpted, contorted, elevated, and occasionally submerged parts of the region. Intense volcanic activity, where molten rock and fire shaped the landscape and volcanoes erupted with great force.

Broad areas of deep-sea sedimentary rock indicate times when Northland was underwater, influenced by the deep reaches of ancient seas, and, dune formations and swamp deposits highlighting ongoing geological changes that continue to shape the region. This is not just a map - it's a storybook of fire and water, shifts and drifts, telling the tale of our ever-evolving Earth. A story that requires your hand to reveal! Don’t miss out, join us and help bring to life the geological past of Northland through this interactive ‘paint by numbers’ community collaboration project. Exhibition entry is free with general admission to Kiwi North. Bookings are not required.

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Kiwi North Museum, Kiwi House & Heritage Park, Whangarei

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Tuesday 5 December 2023 - Thursday 29 February 2024 10:00AM - 04:00PM