Orlando: The Fish Eat the Softest Parts First

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An earnest comedy about parenting, progress, life, death and family. On Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 I wake up in an armchair in the NeoNatal intensive care unit of Wellington Hospital. My wife is asleep in the wards after a long, tough labour. Our son is alive, but only just. A kind, practical NICU nurse walks hesitantly toward me with a brown paper gift bag. “Well, Happy Father’s Day, I guess” Not unlike Virginia Woolf’s titular character, it seems I have gone to bed a woman and awakened a man. For fathers and anyone who has known one. “It’s really fucking brave and reminds me to keep being brave in the face of a world that’s not always so kind.” Audience, TAHI Festival, BATS Theatre 2021 “...you are one very special force” Jessie’s ex-girlfriend’s mum **Please note this show contains mentions of suicide and birth trauma

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ONEONESIX, Whangarei

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Friday 15 September 2023