Northland Naturals Microgreens

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Northland Naturals makes fresh, affordable, organic produce available year round throughout Northern New Zealand. This includes soil-grown microgreens, such as sunflower shoots, radish mix, and our famous micro salad.

Northland Naturals is a family business located on 11-acres atop beautiful Vinegar Hill, just north of Whangarei. Established in 2012, Matt Stanley and his family have been growing organically and with permaculture principles to create a sustainable food production system that feeds their community. 

Matt is a familiar face at the Grower's Market in Whangarei, where he sells fruit and veggies. His microgreens are found on the plates of several restaurants, and can be purchased at some retail outlets as well. Fresh, affordable, delicious, nutrient-dense foods are what we love to grow.

We believe in working our land in such a way that builds soil, rather than depleting it. We believe in recycling water and nutrients on our property, enriching the food grown here. We believe we are created to serve each other and the land, not dominating it. And we believe in giving back to our community, through partnering with a local rehabilitation centre.

How to Find Us

71 Lauries Drive
Kauri Kamo 0185
New Zealand

Opening Times

Tours by arrangement only