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Hundertwasser talked about his philosophy of the Five Skins.

The third skin is about where we live: our homes, flats and houses. Inspired by the dynamic Hundertwasser Art Centre with Wairau Māori Art Gallery, children will explore around the building with our art facilitators. They will engage in quick-session-sketching in response to what they notice.

On returning to the Activity Centre, children will create mixed media pictures of their Magic Homes inspired by Hundertwasser’s architecture. Children will create their Magic Homes experimenting with coloured pencils, pens, wrap-ping paper, coloured card, glue sticks and pastels.

An unusual house that does not correspond to the usual cliches and norms of academic architecture a house conceived and designed by a painter an adventure in modern times a journey to an unknown land a journey into the land of creative architecture where there are window rights and tree tenants and uncontrolled irregularities uneven floors, woodlands on the roof spontaneous vegetation and barriers of beauty - Hundertwasser, 1985 7 to 12 yr. olds

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Hundertwasser Art Centre, Activity Centre, Whangarei

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Monday 10 July 2023