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Looking for Alaska is a folk-pop duo from Hamilton. Drawing from a diverse range of country, soul, folk and Māori influences, Aaron Gott and Amy Maynard perform hard hitting original music, their songs inspired by their life and travels; complete with exquisite harmonies and acoustic guitar that both whispers and roars.

The duos’ familiarity, closeness and authenticity are fuelled by their real-life romance, creating a magnetic performance style that captivates their audience time and time again. Aaron Gott and Amy Maynard have been 8 years as music tutors in schools around Hamilton, co-owners of The Porch recording studio in Hamilton.

" ...the music they make is, frankly, phenomenal: Soaring acoustic ballads driven by Gott's instrumental deftness and Maynard's powerful, soaring delivery. One part folk, two parts country, two parts soul." - Mike Mather, Stuff NZ

"Loving, warm and authentic folk that at times makes you want to sing along and dance with an armful of friends – or sit down in solitude, reminisce and let the music fill you" - Sam Vegar, NZ Musician Magazine

"From upbeat, toe-tapping hooks to warm, wistful harmonies, Looking For Alaska is hard to get out of your head, and for good reason." - Natasha Thompson, The Gisborne Herald
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Forum North, Whangarei

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Wednesday 2 August 2023