Kerikeri Mission Station - Heritage Gardens of National Significance

Things to do

Enjoy the beautiful surrounds featuring an array of heritage roses, a riverbank orchard, and English ‘cottage garden’ flowerbeds that encircle New Zealand’s oldest buildings, Kemp House and the Stone Store.

Cultivated for over 200 years, layers of history are revealed as you explore New Zealand’s oldest European gardens. Māori gardens were lying fallow when missionaries arrived in 1819 to form a new mission settlement at Kerikeri. Overseen by Ngapuhi chief Hongi Hika, from his Pa Kororipo, the fledgling settlement came to rely heavily on the gardens as a vital source of food when the missionaries refused to trade in guns with Hongi. Using seed and rootstock brought with them from England, the missionaries created gardens that represented their beliefs, heritage and connection with the land.

How to Find Us

246 Kerikeri Road
New Zealand