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Riverhead Records is delighted to present to you the inspiring musical works of Te Aroha and Moberf. Bands of different generations, with music for all generations. Infectious, and grown here in Te Taitokerau Northland.

Catchy melodies and hooks will please your ears, while rock rhythms drive your senses. You will tap your feet, sway in your seats, even sing along…. to songs many of you will not have heard before. Songs you will want to hear again.

Te Aroha were formed last year when songwriters Dave Nash and Tony Harrison came together with friend Cliff Royal. Shortly after they were joined by drumming maestro Paul Lafotanoa, and a formidable energy was born, producing a unique and captivating sound. Dave and Tony’s songs are both different and compatible. Gelling together nicely, the band are gaining fans of all ages. Steadily building a reputation for dynamic and engaging performance, Te Aroha are captivating audiences wherever they play.

Moberf are the new generation enthralling wherever they play. A songwriting band with Ani Palmer on guitar and vocals, Luc Lawler on lead guitar, Izzy Cannon on drums and Freddy Jarman on bass. Students from Kerikeri High School, this very talented and charismatic band won “Best Song” at the Smokefree Rockquest here in Northland last year. They are worthy of support and are definitely worth seeing.

How to Find Us
From $42.5 – $110


Turner Centre, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands

Event Dates

Saturday 20 July 2024