Kā Uri

Things to do

Kā Uri, a captivating visitor centre owned and run by Ngāti Kuri, showcases
exquisite woodwork handcrafted from ancient kauri. Marvel at the famous
kauri staircase, savour delicious food and coffee, browse locally sourced gifts,
and immerse yourself

Step into a world of enchantment and cultural marvel at Kā Uri, an alluring visitor centre owned and run by Ngāti Kuri, an Iwi (Māori tribe) rich in tradition and heritage. This captivating place showcases the artistry of exquisite, handcrafted woodwork from ancient kauri, weaving tales of generations past.

The centrepiece of the centre, the famed kauri staircase, stands tall, a symbol of resilience and strength, mirroring the enduring spirit of Ngāti Kuri. Each step taken is a journey into history, carrying whispers of legends and echoes of ancestors.

Savor the irresistible aroma as you indulge in locally sourced food and coffee, capturing the essence of the land, leaving your taste buds dancing in delight. Culinary offerings become a celebration of culture, connecting you with the spirit of the land.

Explore an array of locally sourced gifts, each telling its own tale and crafted with love and care. These unique treasures embody the essence of the region and serve as meaningful mementos of your unforgettable visit.

Kā Uri is not just a place of tangible wonders; it is a repository of captivating narratives. Listen to stories passed down through generations, binding people to the land and the land to its people. Feel the heartbeat of Ngāti Kuri as they share their history, traditions, and dreams for the future.

How to Find Us

235 State Highway 1 Awanui
Awanui Awanui 0486
New Zealand

Opening Times

Open Tuesday to Sunday 8am - 4pm (Winter)

Holiday Times

Closed Christmas day