Impression Photography Masterclass - Bay Of Islands

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We will be based in Russell, in the historic Bay of Islands which offers the perfect place for artistic photography with beautiful coastlines, waterfalls, and historic sites.

With artistic photographers Gail Stent and Judy Stokes as your tutors, this 4-day Impression Masterclass allows you to enjoy the best of the Bay of Islands coastal scenery while embarking on a creative adventure with your photography. In this masterclass, you will learn to bring freedom of expression and capture emotion in your photography by using creative techniques both in-camera and in post-production. You will learn a style of photography that seeks to capture a mood and experience rather than to achieve an accurate representation of the scenes. Capturing Impressionistic photographs requires the use of imagination and creativity to create your own personal style to create artistic, and painterly images.

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 Impression Photography  Masterclass - Bay Of Islands  Impression Photography  Masterclass - Bay Of Islands