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A visit to Russell is a must for anyone coming to the Bay of Islands. Our 4-hour guided tour will take in the places of interest. including, Flagstaff Hill, Russell Museum, Pompallier House, Christ Church. There will also be a stop for lunch.

Russell, also known by the Māori name Kororāreka, is a town in the Bay of Islands, in New Zealand's far north. It was the first permanent European settlement and seaport in New Zealand. European and American ships began visiting Russell in the early 1800s, the indigenous Māori quickly recognised there were great advantages in trading with these strangers, whom they called tauiwi. The Bay of Islands offered a safe anchorage and had a large Māori population. To attract ships, Māori began to supply food, timber and prostitution. In exchange, the Māori population traded for firearms, alcohol and other goods of European manufacture. Our first stop is Christ Church- New Zealand's oldest church.

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