Heath Franklin's Chopper - Not Here To F*ck Spiders

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Australia's MOST WANTED comedian is back after three years off....and he's not here to fuck sp*ders! That's right. Not even if they're dressed in a sexy spider nurse outfit. He just hasn't got the time. And neither do you. Because Life happens whether you like or not. You can tiptoe around it, have a whinge or pretend it's not there, but like a man wearing bacon pants at a dog park, you're gonna get bitten on the arse eventually. So either get up and get busy, or tell somebody else who gives a sh*t. Cos we're not here to.... Book now and join Chopper for the best night out in yonks. AS SEEN ON 7 DAYS “This is a top hour of uproariously entertaining comedy… packed with good gags and ‘so wrong its right’ moments” **** Chortle UK
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From $48


Forum North, Whangarei

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Thursday 2 May 2024