Airport 6000 is a Pre Charter Vehicle Transportation Service which provides a service between two connections within the Auckland and Waikato Region of New Zealand.

Airport 6000 offers a safe pre charted journey after a long exhausting flight to your destination. The journey with this Airport Shuttle provides a service from Door to Door with a happy service. We like to maintain availability for a prompted response over a 24 hour period. Infant seating can be arranged by email
This service provides leniency for your over all trip to the Waikato region and can be rediverted to other destinations with in the Waikato region insuring a safe arrival

The Waikato region has a variety of activity's and we can assist you with on going transportation connections.to your alternate primary location of activity.

We are here to help you.

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Airport 6000

How to Find Us
From $90 – $200


1-90 Mahoe st
Melville Ahipara
New Zealand