Grinning Gecko Cheese Company

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Delicious range of award-winning cheese, all handmade in our factory in Whangārei, Northland, from certified organic cow milk on the day of milking.

We are a small internationally acclaimed artisan cheese producer that makes some of New Zealand’s finest soft cheese.  We source top quality, export-standard certified organic milk from a local farm milking Ayrshire cows.  Our large range of award-winning cheese is handmade in our factory in Whangārei, Northland, on the day of milking. The milk is in our pasteuriser within an hour of milking and then gently batch pasteurised, and because we only use the milk from one herd we have total control over quality from beginning to end.

Each batch of cheese is a unique reflection of the environmental conditions affecting the cows prior to milking. Like a good wine, each batch of cheese has its own vintage. 

We have a small team of talented, dedicated cheesemakers who show genuine care and respect to ensure every batch is deliciously unique and flavourful. Our commitment to artisan cheesemaking has been rewarded with dozens of national and international medals and awards, including our 3 times champion Brie, our Champion washed rind Kau Piro, gold medal Camembert and Halloumi, as well as 2 of our cheesemakers winning Aspiring Cheesemaker Awards.  

You are most welcome to visit our factory in Whangārei, Northland to watch us making cheese.  We usually have a selection of cheeses to taste and you can also buy our cheese on the premises.

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How to Find Us

81 Port Rd
Whangarei Whangarei 0110

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Mon-Fri: 7am-3pm, Sat: 7am-2pm, Sun: Closed