Glass Blowing

Things to do

Come to the Town Basin and watch the amazing art of glass blowing in action, buy our colourful creations or book in for a workshop. We usually blow glass every day except Wednesday when we refill the furnace with glass.

Watch skilled glass blowers create drinking glasses, bowls and vases. See us gather clear molten glass (1140°C) from the furnace and add chips, strings and shards of coloured glass to create unique pieces of art glass. This art form takes years of hard work to learn and a lifetime to perfect. Our work is available in the studio, at Burning Issues Gallery and many galleries throughout New Zealand. 

Our Staff: 

Brendon studied a Diploma of Glass and Keith Grinter a BFA in Glass at the Art School in Whanganui. Kirstin completed a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Glass Blowing at Edinburgh University. Shirah studied a Bachelor of Applied Art at Northland Polytech. 

How to Find Us

8 Quayside
Town Basin Whangarei 0110
New Zealand

Opening Times

Everyday from 10am to 5pm