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For over 125 years the local, passionate and knowledgeable team from Fullers GreatSights have been helping visitors explore the Bay of Islands and Far North on our day tours and cruises. Visit our friendly team on Paihia Wharf.

For over 125 years the name “Fullers” has been associated with tourism in the Bay of Islands. Our founder, Ernest Albert Fuller, first began offering tours to tourists while delivering coal and collecting cream from farmers located within the inner islands. Things have come a long way since those early days but the scenery and wildlife remain just as spectacular.

Today, Fullers GreatSights is still regarded as the industry leader of cruises and tours in the Bay of Islands and operates a modern fleet of vessels, with largest viewing decks available.

Based at the Maritime Building on Paihia Wharf, our team can help with information and bookings for activities throughout the region.

Visit our website for more info and bookings.

How to Find Us
From $16 – $228


Maritime Building, Paihia Waterfront, Marsden Rd
Paihia Paihia
New Zealand

Opening Times

7:30am to 6 pm

Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands