Forgotten Tales of The Kaipara

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Have you seen this exhibition with a 45 minute slideshow all about the Kaipara?
Forgotten Tales of the Kaipara is based around a recording by creative Luciana Orr, which shares the social history of a region, told by five longstanding Kaipara locals.

Ngāti Whātua, Te Uri o Hau, Kaumātua, Ben Hita, shares stories from his youth at Poutō and reflections of life on the Kaipara.

Stella Clyde of Paparoa, tells of her father’s contribution to the first radio on the Kaipara, and
Matakohe born Joy Bonham recalls the revered toheroa expeditions.

Pete Panhuis, knowledgeable guide at The Kauri Museum, recounts tales of early days in Matakohe, Paparoa and Ruawai.
Pahi local Kerry Bonham, remembers a rebellion in Ararua that reached the ears of the world.

As well as archival images and displays featuring treasures from both museum and private collections, several contemporary installations created by Ms Orr, allow visitors to engage and share their experiences.

Entry to this event includes admission to the whole museum.
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The Kauri Museum, Matakohe, Kaipara

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Saturday 1 April 2023