Forest Crowns for Beltane

Whats On

~Seasonal Sessions~ will be held to celebrate the seasons of the year. We will do crafts suited to the season, and invite the sharing of stories about what this time of year means for us, what is happening in nature, and how our different ancestors celebrated this season.
This time we're celebrating Beltane, and Whiringa-ā-Nuku, the time when nature is bursting with fertility and life, maypoles are danced around, and everything, including us, is full of vibrant life!
We will share what this time of year means to us, and then we'll be making Forest Crowns! We will have willow to bend into wreathes, plus ribbons and fabric, and we suggest going flower & leaf collecting before you come (don't forget to ask before you pluck)! Let's meet at Anō Anō, and walk to the park if the weather is nice.
Bring yourself, your pieces of nature, and a wee koha for Anō Anō
Message us any questions & to let us know if you're coming!

How to Find Us

Anō Anō, Kaitaia, Far North

Event Dates

Thursday 27 October 2022