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By utilizing the innate bright consciousness that people naturally possess, it is possible to purify the subconscious. Through this, true health can be restored.

The core of the workshop is to restore the master consciousness that lies dormant within you by focusing on the body. This process includes exercises, breathing, meditation, dance, and healing.

Our Finding True Self Retreat opens a spiritual journey to uncover who you truly are. You will peel back the layers of your life to look at the belief systems driving your subconscious thoughts and actions. You will recover your true authentic self, learning to make yourself a priority once more. The retreat will help you to live a happier, more authentic life and truly open your heart to all possibilities.

Workshop Objectives

- Awaken your bright consciousness.

- Discover your authentic self.

- Heal emotionally with sound therapy.

- Releasing and healing from trauma.

- Recognize negative beliefs and patterns.

- Connect with a like-minded group of people.

Dates: Friday 26th - Sunday 28th July

Place: Haruru Falls Retreat (Bottom of Old Wharf Road Haruru Falls, Paihia 0204 )

Price : $390 Programme fee (Accommodation and meals, not included)

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M: 021 0867 6501

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Haruru Falls Resort, Paihia, Bay of Islands

Event Dates

Friday 26 July 2024 - Sunday 28 July 2024 05:00PM - 02:00PM