Faka-Tokelau: Living With Change

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Te Papa touring exhibition "Faka-Tokelau: Living with Change" is on display in the Mim Ringer Gallery at Kiwi North. This thought-provoking photographic exhibition explores Tokelau’s unique way of life through the lenses of two New Zealand photographers, Glenn Jowitt and Andrew Matautia. Jowitt first visited Tokelau in 1981, and Matautia 36 years later, in 2017.

Faka-Tokelau compares and contrasts the two artist’s images alongside one another, revealing the constant, ongoing change on Tokelau’s fragile atoll.

With a focus on climate change, "Faka-Tokelau: Living with Change" portrays how people on the isolated and low-lying atolls of Tokelau live. This exhibition is free with general admission to Kiwi North.

How to Find Us
From $20 – $65


Kiwi North Museum, Kiwi House & Heritage Park, Whangarei

Event Dates

Sunday 20 August 2023