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Nature is healing. Revitalizing our senses in the forest, we experience a return to our natural selves. We can receive energy from nature to heal ourselves and also pass on energy to others. Through nature, you will experience that you are a healer.

In the natural beauty of Earth Village, we will utilize the abundance of energy to unlock the power centres within you. You will gain the essential tools to awaken the limitless potentials of your power centres and recover the natural health of your body, mind, and spirit using the ancient energy principles called “Water Up Fire Down”.

Become a Conscious Creator of Your Life

Are your thoughts, emotions, and body helping you to create what you want in life? What do you do when your life situations get tough, stress you out, or have you emotionally wounded? Instead of reacting to the situations and circumstances around you, you can become aware of what is happening within you, develop the inner power to observe yourself, choose to release negative emotions, thoughts, and habits that are not serving you, and make new choices and new lifestyles.

Dates: Friday 12th – Sunday 14th July

Place : Earthvillage Retreat ( 1112 Pungaere Rd, Kerikeri, Bay of islands)

Price: $890 (Included accommodation and meals)

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Sunyong the retreat guide


M: 021 0867 6501

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Earth Village, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands

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Friday 12 July 2024