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Don McGlashan, Mutton Birds mainman, Arts Laureate, international face of Aotearoa songcraft and more recently first time New Zealand Album Chart topper with his latest album Bright November Morning, is set to embark on a 18-date tour of his homeland across August, September & October. The Take It To The Bridge Tour will showcase McGlashan's extensive songbook in hand-picked intimate venues throughout the country. Why Take It To The Bridge you ask? We'll let Don answer that. Two reasons that I wanted to call this tour the “Take It To The Bridge Tour”: 
 1. I love bridges. Making it possible to get, physically, across major obstacles: rivers, ravines, swamps - seems to me one of the most remarkable things humans can do. It's no wonder that bridges get used as metaphors for healing, co-operation, reconciliation - all those other good things that humans can do, when we put our minds to it. 
 2. I once saw James Brown at the Red Parrot Disco & Club in New York. It was a three blanket night - meaning that he broke down from over-emotion three times in the course of the evening, and each time, he had to have a blanket thrown over his shoulders and be lead off stage. I felt very privileged, but I was later told that he did that most nights. He also shouted at his band to "Take it to the bridge!" a lot. And every time he did that, that's exactly what they'd do. Don will be accompanied on tour by Anita Clark on violin, keys & backing vocals. Anita, as Motte, will also open for Don at all shows. Don McGlashan’s "Take It To The Bridge Tour" will transport him to places he’s never played before, including Tairua and Glenorchy. It’ll transport you too. Don’t miss it.

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Thursday 9 November 2023